Slide ONE-SHOT CHOCOLATE DEPOSITORS READ MORE NGOSD CV depositors are mounted on C frame. Servomotor driven vertical head motion is coupled to the frame. Thanks to servomotor driven outpouring, amount can be easily adjusted on HMI. 24V PID controlled dry heating. Common valve mechanism is used for suction and outpouring. Designed for medium capacity workshops & high capacity manufacturers. chocolate depositor Slide COOLING TUNNEL READ MORE Horizontal cooling tunnels can be produced in different belt width and length purpose to ensure customers requirement. Product transportation conveying may be polyurethane belt, modular type belt or pneumatically pushed moulds over runners. Slide COCOA LENTILS FORMING / COOLING / WEB REMOVING READ MORE Chocolate beans forming line is with web removing device equipped with a cooling battery which feature provides no need of cooling tunnel for small and shallow products. Thanks to modular design, the possibility to settle a cooling tunnel between forming and web removing is still possible. water chiller roller depositor Slide chocolate coater CHOCOLATE COATING CABIN READ MORE Coating cabins are dragee-type chocolate panning machines. They are used to cover various centers with chocolate, yogurt, fat based syrup or chocolate-flavored compounds. Belt speed can be set via a potentiometer. With load cell feature automatic coating recipes can be applied. Slide coating pan COATING & POLISHING PAN READ MORE Cocoa lentils, dried fruits or nuts can be coated with chocolate or sugar syrup with the coating pans. Blower with heater can be coupled to machine which feature is required in some of coating applications. coating pan Slide dough encrusting machine fig cookie VF SERIES CENTER FILLED COOKIE EXTRUDER READ MORE VF series center filled cookies manufacturing line is designed for small workshops which are using rotary type ovens for baking. Thanks to its design and retractable tail conveyor you can fed products couple of times to the same tray. Slide CONTINUOUS CHOCOLATE TEMPERING MACHINE READ MORE Machine is designed to be a heart of any small chocolate production facility. We say the heart because tempering, filling, enrobing skills are all combined on the ConTM30. Even the machine doesn't require any external cold water connection as water chiller is already coupled. Slide CHOCOLATE BALL MILL READ MORE Chocolate ball mills are used for refining homogeneously of chocolate ingredients up to 22 µ. Reservoir is water jacketed. External cold water must be connected to eliminate over heating. Chocolate pump is coupled to the ball mill for closed loop or transfer to storage tank.

How it’s made?

Chocolate machine, biscuit machine & cake machine manufacturer.


In order to provide our customers with the best service we use certificated high quality materials and modern technologies, we also produce our machines in accordance with European machine safety norms (CE mark), Low voltage directive and related standards.

AkayGAM ltd. was founded in 1996. In a short time the customers learned our name and believed in us. Starting from 450m² of enclosed space, nowadays our factory occupies 1200m². From the very date of foundation and till now, we have been constantly developing ourselves in order to provide the best possible food processing machines, meeting the high requirements of our clients.
It is within our knowledge and technology to satisfy the needs of biscuit, chocolate, wafer and other confection manufacturers, and we do not stop our progress on this.
In the past we have been producing high performance machines and have been working with leading manufacturers, that have wide marketing nets. But, taking into consideration the demands of the market, we revised our work and started preparing the solutions, suitable for smaller enterprises & workshops.
We always prepare the project in the electronic form and work over it in order to get the absolutely perfect result; during the production process we follow up every step and perform the quality
control. In this way we reduce to minimum all possible problems that may be faced by us or our customers. Together with every machine we provide our clients with operating instructions of the machine, wiring, that meets all the standards, schemes and 1 year certificate of guarantee, also we organize training for the staff.