Chocolate storage tank


ST serie chocolate holding reservoirs

Chocolate storage tank is water jacketed with heater, insulated cylindrical holding reservoir with a mixing shaft and arms. Water inside a twin-shell coat, ensures heating and keeping a temperature of chocolate mass constant. Chocolate holding reservoir is used to store the liquid chocolate in constant temperature and homogeneous structure.

  • Teflon scrappers prevents bonding of chocolate mass to inner wall of the vessel.
  • Completely made of stainless steel, double jacketed reservoir with heaters
  • Insulation shell with glass wool to ensure power saving (optional).
  • Side and bottom scraping feature.
  • Dish end type.
  • Chocolate pump.

Machine codeST100ST200ST500ST1000ST1500ST2000ST3000
Reservoir capacity100lt.200lt.500lt.1000lt.1500lt.2000lt.3000lt.
Total power5kw.7kw.10kw.10kw.11kw.11kw.12kw.