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EM serie chocolate enrobers

The sweets entering the enrober are transferred from a plastic feed belt onto a wire mesh belt and pass under curtain of chocolate; there is a plate or a trough fitted with a roller underneath the mesh to ensure controllable coating of the underside of the sweet. The excess mass from the curtain falls through the wire mesh belt into a sump, and is recirculated. Part of the mass is diverted through a detemperer and is then retempered: blending of the freshly tempered and recirculated streams controls the overall level of temper in the enrober. After the curtain, excess chocolate is forced off the product by an air blower and a licking roll is used to control the amount of mass left on the underside of the sweet. There is a vibrator after the blower to remove excess chocolate and to improve the appearance of the sweet; finally there is a detailing rod between the end of the wire belt and the start of the cooler belt.

  • Water-jacketed chocolate feeding reservoir.
  • Chassis made of stainless steel.
  • Wire mesh made of stainless steel.
  • Closed loop water system; Water reservoir with resistance, thermostat and water pump.
  • Chocolate transfer pump.
  • Water-jacketed collecting reservoir with horizonal mixer.
  • Side lids are made of t-slot profile & plexiglass.

Machine codeEM400EM600EM800EM1000
Wire mesh width420 mm.620 mm.820 mm.1020 mm.
Reservoir width400 mm.600 mm.800 mm.1000 mm.
Total power4 kw.4.5 kw.6 kw.7 kw.