Fat melting tank


FMT serie fat melting tanks

Solid fat blocks melting tanks are made of stainless steel. They are water-jacket, insulated & with heaters. Fat melting tank is equipped with hot water circulation serpentine. Thanks to oil transfer pump melted fat can be easily transferred to ball mill or to the preparation mixer if it is going to be used in chocolate manufacturing, in case of biscuit manufacturing liquid fat is going to be transferred to a dough mixer. Required amount of fat in recipe can be achieved by flow meter.

  • Completely made of stainless steel AISI304 grade.
  • Water-jacketed, ON/OFF heat controlled with FeConst thermocouple.
  • Rectangular reservoir.
  • Insulated with glass wool to ensure power saving & protect staff from extremely hot surface of the melter.
  • Fat transfer pump.
  • Hot water circulation grid.
  • Water reservoir with heater, thermostat and water pump.
  • Flow meter to load grinding machine with required amount of fat. (optional)

Machine codeFMT50FMT100FMT200FMT500
Capacity50 lt.100 lt.200 lt.500 lt.
Reservoir heating power2kw.2kw.3kw.3kw.
Grid heating powerAbsentAbsent3kw.3kw.
Oil pump powerAbsentAbsent1.1kw.1.1kw.
Water pump powerAbsentAbsent0.18kw.0.18kw.
Total power2kw.2kw.7.28kw.8.28kw.