Powdered sugar mill


PSM serie powdered sugar mills

Powdered sugar mill is pulverizing machine. It is used to mill crystal sugar into fine powder up to 50 microns. Finely ground sugar is part of numerous applications; like for chocolate, jams or jellies, ice cream, drinks or bakery products. Powdered sugar mill can be equipped with vacuum or screw type row material feeder and screw type discharging device.

  • Chassis made of painted steel or stainless steel as customer requires.
  • Sugar reservoir made of stainless steel.
  • Grinding body made of stainless steel or casting steel.
  • Hummer type grinding rotor for low capacities up to 200kg/h.
  • Pin type grinding rotor for high capacities up to 1000kg/h.
  • Sugar grinding pins made of 16MnCr5.
  • Dust collection filters.
  • Screw type ready product takeoff unit made of stainless steel.
  • Row product feeding reservoir with flow regulation valve and air channel made of stainless steel.
  • Main housing with water cooling for high capacities.
  • Sugar slump grid.
  • Magnet to apprehend metals.
  • Fine powder ~50-80 micron.

Machine codePSM100PSM200PSM500PSM1000
Capacity100 kg./h200 kg./h500 kg./h1000 kg./h
Total power4kw.4kw.14kw.20kw.