Preparation mixer


CPM serie chocolate mass premixing device

Before refine the chocolate mass in ball mill; powdered sugar, melted fat and other chocolate ingredients has to be mixed and deluted in preparation mixer to increase production capacity and achieve continuous manufacturing. While ball mill refines a batch, preparation mixer will prepare next batch for refining. Premixing and deluting can be achieved in ball mill too but this will slowdown the production and will cause high energy consumption as ball mills are high power consumption devices.

  • Water-jacketed reservoir with ON/OFF temperature control & heater.
  • Horizontal shaft and mixing arms are made of stainless steel.
  • Chocolate transfer pump.

Machine codeCPM200CPM500CPM1000CPM2000
Capacity200 lt.500 lt.1000 lt.2000 lt.
Mixing shaft power3kw.5kw.7kw.10kw.
Heaters power2kw.3kw.2 x 3kw.3 x 4kw.
Chocolate transfer pump power1.1kw. 1½”2.2kw. 2″2.2kw. 2″2.2kw. 2″
Total power6.1kw.10.2kw.15.2kw.24.2kw.