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Çikolata makinası, bisküvi makinası ve kek makinası imalatı.


Müşterilerimize en iyi hizmeti sunabilmek için sertifikalı ve yüksek kaliteli malzemeler kullanır ve modern teknolojilerden yararlanırız. Ayrıca Avrupa makina güvenlik standartlarına uygun CE sertifikalı makinalar üretiriz.

AkayGAM ltd. was founded in 1996. In a short time the customers learned our name and believed in us. Starting from 450m² of enclosed space, nowadays our factory occupies 1200m². From the very date of foundation and till now, we have been constantly developing ourselves in order to provide the best possible food processing machines, meeting the high requirements of our clients.
It is within our knowledge and technology to satisfy the needs of biscuit, chocolate, wafer and other confection manufacturers, and we do not stop our progress on this.
In the past we have been producing high performance machines and have been working with leading manufacturers, that have wide marketing nets. But, taking into consideration the demands of the market, we revised our work and started preparing the solutions, suitable for smaller enterprises & workshops.
We always prepare the project in the electronic form and work over it in order to get the absolutely perfect result; during the production process we follow up every step and perform the quality
control. In this way we reduce to minimum all possible problems that may be faced by us or our customers. Together with every machine we provide our clients with operating instructions of the machine, wiring, that meets all the standards, schemes and 1 year certificate of guarantee, also we organize training for the staff.